2018 5th United States Virtuoso Artist International Piano Competition is open to pianists of any nationality of any age.

Group for Competition:

Group                                 Age                        
I                                  7 and younger   
II                                 8 and 9               
III                               10 and 11          
IV                               12 and 13          
V                                14 and 15          
VI                               16 and 17          
Artist Division          18 and older     

A. Open Category
B. Romantic Composition Category
C. Sonata Category
D. Etude Category
E. Four hands Category
F. 20th-21st Century Composition Category

Competition Rules:
    1. Recordings should be a fair representation of the applicants’ abilities, and professional quality is preferred. Recording materials must be labeled.
    2. Judges comments will not be reviewed and the decision from the competition committee is the final, cannot be appealed.

    3. Students of judges are allowed to participate in the competition, but may not be judged by the jury member who is a teacher/ instructor of the contestant.

    4. The recording materials submitted will not be returned.

    5. To changes a performance repertoire for final round are allowed, a $60 fee must submit no later than one week prior to the final round of competition.

    6. The performance order of works may be determined by performer.

    7. All competitors are responsible for their own expenses, including accommodation and travel expenses in live preliminary and final rounds periods.

    8. All foreign competitions are responsible for obtaining their own passports and visas.

    9. All prizewinners have obligation for performing in all concerts/recitals arranged or presented by competition committee within three years.

    10. The competition committee holds the copyright of recording and audio/ video products for process of competition, Award Ceremony and winner’s concerts, as well as winners piano solo recital/concert series, without remunerations for performers. 

    11. The competition committee has the right to make use of the pictures/photos contestants submitted for publicity of competition.

    12. The committee of competition holds the copyright of recording for process of competition and pictures. During the competition process, pictures and recording are absolutely prohibited. Once found, the qualification for participation of competition will be forfeited.

    13. The committee of competition has the right, without being obliged to pay any form of remuneration to either competitors or their managers, including commission radio, television, video and film recordings and/or images of all the performances.

    14. All prizes will be granted to the winners who are present in the winners concert only. The committee of competition will not accept any absence (including health problem, communication delays, etc.) under any condition.

    15. All participants of 2018 5th United States Virtuoso Artist International piano Competition receive the free admission to the Award Ceremony and Winners Concert, however it doesn’t contain parents, teachers, and all the other accompanying people, who pay an admission fee in the price of $20.
    16. Prizes may be subject to tax, according to U.S. tax laws in effect at the time of the competition in the Winners Concert, are obliged to collect their prizes during Award Ceremony (held together with the winners Concert).

    17. Competition committee holds the right to delay the competition date or change the time and location of final round of competition.

    18. During contestants’ performance, the judges may stop the music before the end or begin a piece from a middle section, which will not reflect negatively on the contestants.

    19. Special request for jury comments in a written form have to be communicated in the time of application process, which can be ordered by the price of $40. Comments will appear without names of particular judges.

    20. All repertoires the contestants play in the final round MUST be performed from memory.

    21. Winners if asked, have to provide either SSN or ITIN to receive monetary prizes.

    22. All Awards are subject to change. Jury doesn’t have to award all prizes if the level of performance is insufficient.

    23. Any participant can take part in various categories, however participants need to pay application fee and application form respectively for each category.

    24. Application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    25. The competition committee has the right to make use of the pictures/photos contestants submitted and taken in the winners concert for publicity of competition.

    26. The organizational committee of United States Virtuoso Artists International Piano Competition reserves the right to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and all the other information related to the competition, without any notices.  All rights reserved by Director of Competition and Competition Committee.