2018 United States Classical International Woodwinds and Brass Competition​​

      2018 United States Classical International Woodwinds and Brass Competition is open to all winds instruments (clarinet, oboe, flute, piccolo, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, saxophone, etc.). Welcome to solo and group categories. ​​


    · Filled completed application form. Press "DOWNLOAD" button to download the application form:  

    · A copy of the birth certificate, or the other official proof of age (I.D., Passport, etc.)

    · Biography of the application in word format (not to exceed 200 words). It can be included education background, awards and performance
      experience and significant artistic achievement.

    · High quality portrait photo in electronic format, to be used for the winner concert brochure printing.

    · All participants are required to submit hard copy of video/audio or link (YouTube, Google Drive, DropBox or the other permanent files sharing
      services) of applicants’ performance (hard copy is no need if YouTube link is provided in the application form).

    · A non-refundable application fee- $180 for solo (Elementary, Junior group) and $190 for solo (Senior and Artist group); each member is $110 for group category.
      U.S. participants should make a money order or personal check payable to BC Virtuoso Internationa and mail to:

                                     BC Virtuoso International
                                     Attn: Steven Chen   
                                     9050 Church Street,
                                     Twinsburg, OH 44087

             Participants who are living outside of United States can make a certified bank check or international money order payable to:
​              BC Virtuoso International.

    Notes: Completed application form, a copy of the birth certificate, biography, portrait photo and audio/video link can be sent directly to:

             Mail hard copy of video/video and application fee to:

                                        BC Virtuoso International
                                        Attn: Steven Chen   
                                        9050 Church Street, 
                                        Twinsburg, OH 44087


Application Deadline:
    The application package acceptance will be not later than September 26, 2018.

    Competition results will be published no later than October 3, 2018.

Age Categories:
             Elementary: up to 9 years old
             Junior: 10-14 years
             Senior: 15-18 years
             Artist: 19 years and older

          First to Third Prize winners will perform at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City
       ·   Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm

        * Some special awards may be granted based on the jury’s recommendations.

    · Any compositions can be chosen, from Baroque, to Contemporary musical period.  Applicants may choose a single work or a variety of shorter
      pieces. A movement of a sonata is also acceptable. Applicants may enroll in either the Solo or group categories, or BOTH.

Competition Rules:
    · Welcome to applying for solo and group performance categories.

    · Applicants must submit ONE or TWO piece(s) for audition video/audio submitted with the following time limit:
                         Elementary (up to 9 years old): under 5 minutes
                         Junior (10-14): under 7 minutes
                         Senior (15-18): under 10 minutes
                         Artist (19 and older): under 12 minutes
    · Multiple winners will be chosen for each category to perform in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.

    · In the group category, the age of the older contestant determines the group, and the music for group category does not have to be
      memorized. Solo contestants must perform from memory. Repeats are not necessary.

    · Applicants competing in both the solo and group categories must submit a separate application form for each category and pay the separate
      application fee for each application.

    · Video/audio materials should be a fair representation of the contestants’ abilities, and professional quality is preferred, but not necessary. Hard
      copy of video/audio must be labeled (including applicants’ name and exact duration of the music).

    · The hard copy of video/audio submitted will not be returned.

    · Judges comments will not be reviewed and the decision from the competition committee is the final, cannot be appealed.

    · No changes of repertoires are allowed after application package is submitted. 

    · All winners are responsible for their expense for appearing in the winner concert.

    · The competition committee holds the copyright of recording for process of competition, award Ceremony and winner’s concerts and winners            solo recital/concert series.

    · The competition committee has the right to make use of the pictures/photos contestants submitted and taken in the winners concert for                     publicity of competition.
    ·  The committee of competition holds the copyright of recording for process of competition and pictures. During the competition process,                     pictures and recording are absolutely prohibited. Once found, the qualification for participation of competition will be forfeited.
    ·  The committee of competition has the right, without being obliged to pay any form of remuneration to either competitors or their managers,             including commission radio, television, video, film and recital/concert recordings and/or images of all the performances.

    ·  All prizewinners have obligation for performing in all concerts/recitals arranged or presented by competition committee within three years.
    · The committee will provide invitations to all foreign winners to obtain their own passports and visas.

    · The competition committee reserves the right to make any changes into the rules, dates, schedules and all the other information related to the
      competition and winners concert. All rights reserved by Director of Competition and Competition Committee.

    · Application fee, winner concert and photo fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

    · The final result will be based solely on the video/audio recording submitted.

    · Winner Certificates will be granted to the performing winners only, after the Winner concert. The Competition committee, however, allows the       winners who are living presently outside of United States, and who are living in United States with emergency issues NOT to participate in winners Concert in Carnegie Hall. The competition committee will be mailing the certificate to the winners after submiting absence application and paying the mailing fee $260. 

Winners Concert:
     · Only ONE piece from the video/audio materials submitted with in a time limit can be performed at the winner concert.

​    · The performance time limit as following:

                        Elementary (up to 9 years old):  under 3 minutes
                        Junior (10-14): under 5 minutes
                        Senior (15-18): under 6 minutes
                        Artist (19 years and older): under 6 minutes

​            Extra performance time up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Concert with $110 additional fee.

    · Each winner will need to perform at winner concert. Recital date and time will be offered to the winner arranged by competition committee.

    · Only piano accompaniment can be used at the final winner Concert. No acoustic system will be provided.

    · To changes a performance repertoire for winners concert are allowed, a $50 fee must submit no later than one month prior to the winners concert.

    · Performers must bring their own piano accompanist. The competition committee does not provide piano accompanist for winners, but can
      recommend one (winners need to pay additional accompanying fee $150)

    · During the performance in winner concert, pictures and recording are absolutely prohibited. Once found, the qualification of winner will be
       forfeited based on the Carnegie Hall policy. A professional photography will be taking picture for the performers.

     · The total concert and photo fee for solo winners is $390:

          ---$290 winner concert fee, including entry admission for winner and their accompanist, recital booklets with all concert performers’        biographies and photos, winner certificate, teacher’s diploma, four guests’ tickets.

         ---$100 photo fee, including set of digital photos taken by a professional photographer during winners’ performance on the stage of Weill
              Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall.

    · Winner Concert fee for group is $220 per performer as well as $100 photo fee per group.

    · Winner concert and photo fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

    · Detailed Winner Concert guidelines will be emailed to winners after the result are published.